Whether you are reclaiming your quality of life after a stroke or brain injury, recovering from a work-related problem such as a repetitive motion injury, , or seeking to enhance your performance in life and sports.... improving your movement radiates benefits into your life and the lives of those you love!

Movement pervades all systems, improving movement is the golden pathway to improving the functioning of the whole system. You wouldn’t throw out a usable computer, yet if you upgrade the software you get better performance.

Improving movement grows out of improving information flow in the system. You can learn and grow. I have information to help you help yourself from the inside out. You are the power. I help you rewire the connections and throw the switch.

My work begins after other modalities have plateaued. Let me fill the gap between your present state and full recovery of your quality of life. Nothing beats standing on your own feet and moving unassisted under your own power.

My work has helped, is helping, and will help people with:
* Brain injury
* Accident recovery
* Balance problems
* Stroke recovery
* Multiple Sclerosis, Cerebral Palsy, and other neurological challenges
* Troubled sleep
* Stress reduction
* Performance enhancement in the activities that matter to you

Please consider this....

If I ask myself, "When did I learn to talk?", I begin to notice that learning to talk is a process that occurs over time. It didn't happen in a flash. I can't pinpoint a moment when I could talk. I start to understand that what I first thought was a fixed event is, upon closer examination, an ongoing process that is open to revision, relearning, and reformulation.

Now reread the paragraph above, replacing "talk" with "move". Welcome to my worldview. Let’s get to work!

Guild Certified Feldenkrais® Teacher, NLP Master Practitioner, Sounder Sleep Teacher, Intuitive Process Work, Intuitive Energy Work

I stand ready to be an active catalyst for your process of movement improvement, performance enhancement, and personal growth. You are intelligent and capable of learning. Struggling with disability keeps the focus on what isn’t working. When we grow what is working, even if it is small at first, we engage in a process that quickly becomes self-reinforcing and makes stepping stones out of your obstacles.

I was in a wheelchair for 18 months as a child due to degenerated cartilage; bone rubbing on bone gets your attention. At 7 1/2, I had to teach myself to walk again. My mother could cut off the casts, push against the therapies of the time; yet it was left to me to make myself better. In 6 months I was walking and running. I have learned many other useful things in the 56 years hence. I have become the resource I needed back then.

I graciously request you to put all my experience, skills, and knowledge to work for you.

90 minute hands-on, awareness-on session: $75.00

Now Accepting Payment through Square and Venmo.

303-999-5562 (cell)

Based in Denver, Colorado area. My studio address is 400 S. Williams St, Denver, CO 80210.

I travel to clients for whom travel is an issue.

Skype and Facetime sessions available for those for whom distance is an issue.

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